Pig breeding

Our swine herd is outstanding in Somogy

Pig-breeding is a major area of activity and line of business for the Claessens Group. We work with DanBred breeding stock at our farms in Nagybaráti-puszta and Kisbaráti-puszta and at sites in Pádpuszta. Our production facilities have been certified as SPF (Specific Pathogen Free). We are close to ensuring that the full herd is free of antibiotics, as our animals receive only individual treatment in cases that are professionally grounded.

Thanks to good genetics, the pleasant conditions at our pig farms, and the work of our qualified staff, more than 5% of piglets born in Hungary are reared by us.

In early 2015, our pig farms were awarded the right to use the High Quality Pork (HQP) seal, which serves as a guarantee to our partners and customers that they are getting top-quality Hungarian pork from the company.

Environment conscious technologies

Having come about as results of a greenfield investment, the pigfarms deploy the latest environment friendly technologies and meet the highest energy efficiency and animal welfare standards. The barns are fitted with a geothermal heating/cooling system, using the heat energy of the groundwater for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The key to quality farming is ensuring the comfort of the animals: our barns are air-conditioned and to keep the space clean, stepping grids are provided below the pigs. With the official regulations in mind, liquid manure is taken to our plough fields where it is used as nutrient supplementation for the different crops.


As the company has its own mixer, we prepare the quality feed for our livestock from the forage crops grown (corn, barley, triticale) and the purchased protein supplement (such as soybean, canola, sunflower, etc.).


To guarantee quality stock, we do not only provide the best living conditions, but make use of the highest genetic value semen for insemination taken from our AI center thereby contributing to the improvement of the production results.