Crop production

We concern ourselves with tending forage crops only

Crop production to feed the livestock takes place in Somogyszob and the surrounding fields. Primarily it concerns forage crops: winter barley, corn, triticale, silage maize, alfalfa and Italian ryegrass, which are later mixed with several purchased protein supplements (such as soybean, canola and sunflower) according to the needs of the stock.

Environment conscious technologies

While farming, our company also pays special attention to environment friendly and cost-effective production which is realized by the application of modern technologies. Thanks to the well-maintained and regularly upgraded machinery, our farms are being cultivated utilizing the latest technologies.


The spraying of herbicide on corn fields is carried out by Garford-type machines that hoe between the rows and spray the plants directly on the edges. As a result, two-thirds lesser chemicals are used compared to the amount needed for treating the entire area. The company does not only put less burden on the environment, but produces more efficiently. In order to preserve soil structure and fertility, the machines are equipped with tire pressure control. The by-products of livestock farming are carried to the plough field with a Vredo liquid manure spreader where they are utilized as nutrient sources.