AI center

High health status is assured at our boar farm and AI centre

In pig-farming, a quality herd is ensured not only through the application of modern farming methods, but also by means of the high-quality breeding material stemming from our AI centre.

The facility established in 2013 at Segesd-Felsőbogátpuszta (Somogy County) is the most modern boar farm in Hungary. The 30 DanBred Duroc boars at the facility came from Denmark, and the boars are exchanged annually to increase productivity. The animals live in a completely sterile environment, in spacious and air-conditioned barns. Their health condition is excellent, and this is verified by regular laboratory diagnostic tests. To provide ideal conditions for collecting semen samples hygienically, the facility has been equipped with phantoms and phantom rooms. The AI centre has one of Central Europe’s most modern and best equipped laboratories, providing semen for use at our own farms.