This year Claessens Group and Csicsó Farm have organized the Family Day together on which they could celebrate their 20th anniversary as well.

Due to one particular reason, the annual Family Day this year offered a number of special treats to its participants. The Claessens family has come to our country exactly 20 years ago, launching their business, and on this occasion, on 15 August, the two branches of the family, Claessnes Group and Csicsó Farm, have held a joint event in Nagybaráti-puszta.

More than 500 colleagues and family members have joined the celebration which was opened by Peter and Christophe Claessens. The managing directors have thanked the staff for their hard and steady work shown last year and after presenting the programmes of the evening, they invited the guests to a dinner. Before the meal, there was room for tours around the farming locations as well as various fun activities designed both for children and adults. The photos made during the course of the event can be viewed in our gallery.