Built as part of a HUF 2 billion investment project, the new cattle shed was opened on the Felsőbogátpuszta cattle farm of Claessens Group. Csicsó Farm, the branch of the Claessens family dealing with pig fattening, has started out on building a pig farm in worth of HUF 3 billion near Iharosberény.

The biggest developments this year at the Claessens Group concerned the cattle sector. In addition to the modernization of the stables in Nagybaráti-puszta, a new barn was built in Felsőbogátpuszta. The feed and manure storage capacity has grown and the essential technology and machinery required for operation have been acquired. The investment worth nearly HUF 2 billion and is building upon EU funds (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development – EAFRD) as well as own capital.

“With room for 1500 animals, the new shed is bigger than the others and has been designed to fit the specifics of the site. The building that is not particularly long, but wider than the usual, is fitted with two feeder rows and 12 resting boxes (in groups of 3+6+3), following a German example that served as a model. Having been built with a new arrangement, the walls of the shed can be opened while the translucent roof brings natural light to the animals” – said Peter Claessens, managing director of Claessens Group.


The Group’s cattle population consists of 1700 Holstein Friesian cows and 1800 heifers. The cows living on the farms produce daily 50000 litres of milk which accounts for more than 1% of the Hungarian milk production. (Illustration: infographics1)

The Somogycsicsó-based Csicsó Farm, currently busy with pig fattening, plans to expand its pork industry activities in the future. “This June we have started the construction works of a new sow farm giving place for 4500 animals; and relying on internal and external resources, we intend to conclude within the next three years. 70% of the pigs born here will be further fattened on Csicsó Farm and the remaining 30% will be sold in the domestic market” – said Christophe Claessens, managing director of Csicsó Farm.

Thanks to the enlargement of the hog farm in worth of HUF 700 million, the Group will be able to accommodate the piglets of the new sow farm as well. At the moment, 50% of the piglets kept by Claessens Group end up in the fattening farm. From over here, an annual 90000 are sold to 95% domestic slaughterhouses. This amount equals a rough 1 kg/person contribution to the domestic meat consumption. (Illustration: infographics2)

Exactly 20 years ago this year, the Claessens family has arrived in our country, launching their business. Due to the recent years’ large investments, they have become the biggest employer of the region, giving work for over 200 people around Somogyszob and Csurgó.

As part of their corporate social responsibility programmes, they support schools, foundations, public institutions and sports clubs. A recent success story to be mentioned is that Boglárka Stoff representing Csurgó on the Gyenesdiás qualification race riding a horse of the Claessens Group has qualified for the National Gallop to be held in Budapest in September. In the last two years, they have aided the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements with HUF 120 million however they did not only contribute with a financial support to the life of Somogy County, but by providing jobs as well.