Our group is the biggest animal keeper in Somogy today

The history of the Claessens Group began in 1995 with the purchase of the successor company of the South Somogy State Farm. Farming is a tradition in the Claessens family and to continue this tradition in Hungary the family established Somogy County’s largest livestock business. With nearly 350 employees the company has become a major employer in Nagyatád and the surrounding area.

Within the group, Agrár Ltd. is engaged in pig breeding and operates an artificial insemination (AI) centre, while Claessens Ltd. deals with dairy cattle. Crop production is carried out for the sole purpose of feeding the group’s livestock. The headquarters are in Somogyszob, Nagybaráti-puszta.

Farming follows the latest European Union norms and is undertaken in an environment equipped with the latest technologies. Livestock performance is supervised by experts possessing substantial work experience both in Hungary and abroad.


Peter Claessens